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Broadly speaking, the drill press can be loosely grouped into two different main types. The benchtop drill press. And the floor drill press. There's also drill presses that are specifically made for drilling into a certain type of material. Like for instance, some drill presses are better suited to wood, while there are others made specifically for metal. The floor drill presses are more heavy duty, taller, and have a longer column length. Bench top drill presses on the other hand sit on a bench or table rather than the floor, they're much smaller but still perfectly capable.


Before you go ahead and make a decision regarding which type of drill press you want. We should first cover some of the basics about what a drill press actually is. And why it is that you aught to have one in your workshop. A drill press is basically a standing upright drill which is mounted to a surface. The surface can be many things, and ultimately the machine is portable as you can simply unbbolt the mounts. This design allows for easy, and accurate drilling of holes. You can repeat the same precise hole over and over with ease. Because of this if you're into wood working you'll understand how absolutely essential this machine is. The uses however extend beyond merely drilling holes. You can even get special attachments rather than the usual drill bit. For cutting or sanding etc.

Once you decide which type of drill press you will need to suit your function you have to pick a brand that's right for you. My personal favorite brand that I always rely on is WEN. The WEN tools come with great customer support and warranty. Not that I've ever had to use it as the quality of these machines is undoubtedly impeccable.